Summer Ministry Internship 2013

Summer Ministry Internship 2013

Note that we have accepted a Ministry Intern for 2013.  Please Contact Us if interested in next year or additional ministry opportunities.

In order to provide practical opportunities to serve in a local church and to develop spiritual formation in serving others, the Ellsworth Church of the Nazarene is offering a Summer Ministry Internship program open to young adults seeking to serve God and the Church in a meaningful way, network with other ministry leaders, and develop interpersonal and organizational skills in a missional context.

This program is open to young adults age 18 – 24 who are currently enrolled in a four-year degree at an accredited school. Preference given to those at a Nazarene school or have membership in the Church of the Nazarene.

The specific time range can be determined between the selected applicant and the Ellsworth Church of the Nazarene. It should be consecutive weeks, with the exception of approved time off, between May and August (Inclusive).

For students not having local housing, room and board may be arranged by the Church. Transportation may similarly be arranged if you do not own a vehicle.

As the Summer Ministry Intern, your primary responsibility would be to support the ongoing efforts of Ministry at the Ellsworth Church of the Nazarene. This includes:
● Participating in weekly Worship Services, appropriate Ministry Teams, and District events.
● Work with the Pastor to organize and lead one major project. The scope of this project would be determined within the first 2 weeks of the internship.
● Work with the Pastor and Ministry Leadership Team to identify and develop specific ministry opportunities according to your gifts, graces, interests, personality and the needs of the church. This may include working with Children, Students, Senior Adults, Worship Team, Missions, Facility and Grounds Management, Finance, etc.

The Summer Ministry Internship is a volunteer program and does not provide salary or wages. The program will provide funds or reimbursement for related expenses, including travel and transportation costs.

Summer Ministry Internship 2013 Application